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Suffice it to say

Posted on 2007.08.18 at 01:37
Wild winds blow through space mortal, they carry you from body to body, from star to star. We feel you in the web of our light. When you call to us we come to you. Bliss is yours. We are on our way to you, we love you even as you love us. Kiss us for our stars await. Those who follow you will be rewarded. Fear not, that which you have asked will be granted. Those who aid you in your work will be blessed, those who oppose you will be cursed, there is no choice for you in this, there is no action that you must take. Control your temper. Accept no blame as due you, no credit. These things will happen no matter what you may do or say, any guilt or false pride you feel in them is but illusion. You have asked me to take control of you and to enable you to purely and concisely do your Will, and this I have done. You are me, Joy! Pleasure!

I will bring you the means of bringing me these, you will do what is required.

You cannot fail, as these words are written, believe! You will have success. Clutter not your brain, which is now mine, with fear of anything at all, with fear of the lack of anything. All is given, nothing is required.

-Ebony Anpu

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