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Posted on 2006.06.08 at 23:22
I don't think I'm returning to school in September. This comes from the way high muckey realms of beauracracy in which I, and scores of other new teachers, are offered up as examples. Doesn't matter what individual schools say. Doesn't matter what work you're doing. Doesn't matter.

I'm going to the Union after school tomorrow with another teacher from my school who's in the same situation. Then, I will know for sure the length of the fight.

Fight I will to prove my point to these bastards. They're the one doing the kids a disservice. Grrrrhar! I can't cry any more so I might as well start kicking things.

On a high note: made a sweet mix tonight.

What to do in September? I'm in the greatest city in the world with a vast forest of luminous machines suddenly come to life for me. Actually, I should say August. It won't be a summer to speak of like last summer, but I'll spend July in a bliss of Matt and Europe. Maybe I'll work in a gallery.

Oh, god, the very thought makes my heart leap.


weatherly at 2006-06-09 10:55 (UTC) (Link)
If you still want to work with kids, there are plenty of youth art initiatives and family literacy programs--I applied to a lot of them, but didn't "have prior experience with urban youth."
missfestival at 2006-08-24 00:05 (UTC) (Link)
You still out there? I'm coming to Brooklyn for the Neko Case show tomorrow.
fox in socks
renard79 at 2006-08-24 03:52 (UTC) (Link)
Yup, still here! How long are you going to be in Brooklyn? That's sweet! 917-344-0424 Matt is also doing fantastic. You can reach us both at that number.

Neko Case = goodness and bad seeds.
missfestival at 2006-08-24 12:56 (UTC) (Link)
Actually I'll only be in for the show, leaving first thing in the morning. I'm supposed to be going to the 3 Jolly Pigeons after the show, that is, if I have 2 legs to stand on. I just programmed your # so expect to hear from me sometime later this evening! (yay!)
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